A community care facility licence is required for all programs and facilities providing care to three or more children who are not related to the operator by blood or marriage.

What is an application for licence?

An application is your request for permission to operate a community care facility under as specific set of criteria (for example, service type, maximum capacity, business structure, name of facility, etc.).

Sections 7 and 9 of the Child Care Licensing Regulation require you to submit a written application that includes all requirements specified in Schedule B of that regulation. Applying for a community care facility licence is your agreement to comply with the legislative standards on an ongoing basis.

It is important that you understand the legal obligations and responsibilities. Prior to purchasing an application package, you should read through the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and Child Care Licensing Regulation. They are provincial law and set out the minimum health, safety and care standards that must be met by all licensed child care facilities.

Applications can be made for new facility licences or to amend an existing facility licence.

New facility licence application

This type of application applies to:

  • A new applicant/licensee (also includes change in business structure)
  • New premises (also includes a licensee that is moving to a new address)

Amendment to an existing facility licence

This type of application applies to a request for a change to what was submitted in the original application, including:

  • Change of service type
  • Change of maximum capacity
  • Change to any terms/conditions on the licence
  • New facility manager
  • Information that is not printed on the licence but requires updating in the licensing database. For example, any change to contact information including name of designated director, change of licensee contact, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email address, etc.

Questions about child care licensing

  • What is a community care facility?

    A community care facility is a premise, or part of a premise, where care is provided to three or more individuals, not related by blood or marriage to the caregiver.

  • Is there any funding available to help me start up my community care facility business?

    Licensing officers do not have a role in funding for new or existing child care facilities. Please refer to the Ministry of Children and Family Development website for more information on funding for child care. For funding for residential care you will have to contact the agency or department that is responsible for the type of care you wish to provide in the area in which you plan to operate, (e.g. Mental Health and Substance Use – Fraser Health Mental Health and Additions Services; Long Term Care – Fraser Health Residential and Assisted Living Program).

  • Can I care for more than two children while I go through the application process?

    Applicants who have purchased an application package may be actively moving forward with the application process and we recognize that this process may take a while to complete. However, you may only provide care to two children/youth/adults or not more than one sibling group, unrelated to you by blood or marriage until a community care facility licence has been issued. A community care facility licence is issued after all legislative requirements have been met.

  • Can I submit my application package in stages?

    You are strongly advised to submit a completed application package to you area licensing officer. Incomplete packages may delay the process of assessing the application. If you are having difficulties with the application process, you are encouraged to contact your area licensing officer to discuss the challenges you are facing and how you can move forward in the application process.

  • When can I begin advertising?

    You are not permitted to open or advertise as a licensed care facility until you have received a community care facility licence.

  • How long will it take to process my application?

    A number of steps must be completed after an application for licence has been submitted. The time for completing these steps will vary for each applicant, however they will take several weeks to months depending on the complexity of the application.

  • Is a community care facility licence transferable?

    No, a community care facility licence is issued for a specific building (address) and licensee. When there is a change of licensee or facility address, a new application for licence is required.

  • What should I do if there is a change in the information I submitted for my application?

    You must notify your licensing officer immediately of any change in the information you provided when applying for a licence.


  • New child care licence applications cost $75.00 

Process to get a licence

After the licensing office has received a completed application package, you will be contacted by a licensing officer who will assist you through the process. A community care facility licence cannot be issued until all legislative requirements have been met. The process of issuing a licence can take some time as it requires a number of approvals, including:

  • Municipal (fire, building, zoning, business licence).
  • Environmental health (Public Health Act requirements related to septic, well water, food service permits).
  • Licensing registered dietitian (assessment of dietary and food service delivery if meals are provided to children)
  • Community care facilities licensing (assessment and approval of all written submissions, on-site inspections) 

Apply for an amendment to a licence

Apply for a change of facility manager

One of the most common amendments to a licence is a change of facility manager. Should your facility manager resign or expect to be absent for at least 30 consecutive days, you must notify your licensing officer.

Please use the following forms to submit a notification and/or amendment to your licence. All other situations require the purchase of an application package.