Find inspection reports, violation tickets and information about how our environmental health officers follow up on complaints.

Inspection reports

The protection of our drinking water is crucial to preventing the spread of water-borne disease and protecting us from chemical or other contamination.

Our environmental health officers approve, inspect and monitor drinking water supplies to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements.

In general, hazard ratings are assigned based on an assessment of violations or conditions noted at the time of inspection.

Drinking water inspection reports

Public health inspectors from Fraser Health’s Drinking Water Program routinely inspect, sample and assess community water systems for compliance with the Drinking Water Protection Act and Regulation.

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Violation tickets

Both environmental health officers and tobacco enforcement officers complete routine, follow-up and complaint inspections. This helps ensure facilities are in compliance with the applicable public health legislation. Officers have a variety of tools including education, violation tickets, orders and court action. Note that violation tickets issued to private individuals may not be displayed.

Please note that the offences listed here are current as of the date at the bottom of each page. Violation tickets will be updated at the beginning of each month.

Also note that violation tickets can be disputed in court. If the operator has been successful in disputing the violation ticket, the ticket will be removed on the next update.

In the document below violation tickets are grouped first by type of facility, such as drinking water systems, food facilities, onsite sewage disposal, personal service establishments, recreational water facilities and tobacco sales facilities. Within each of these facility types, communities will be listed in alphabetical order.

Drinking water violation tickets

Currently there are no violation tickets issued under this section.