Requirements and application forms to construct and operate a water system.

Anyone who owns or operates a water supply system which provides water for domestic purposes requires a valid water supply operating permit.

Domestic purposes means the water is used for human consumption, food preparation, sanitation or other household purposes. If more than one single family residence is connected to a water supply system an operating permit is required.


  1. A completed drinking water operating permit application form.
  2. A completed water quality analysis report (chemical and bacteriological) from an approved laboratory. For the bacteriological parameter, please collect three water samples taken a minimum of 24 hours apart for bacteriological analysis (total coliform and Escherichia coli).
  3. Approval from the public health engineer in the form of a construction permit for all proposed or recently constructed waterworks. Note: existing waterworks will be reviewed under a separate process. Contact an environmental health officer for further information.
  4. A completed emergency response and contingency plan, water quality monitoring sampling plan, and operation and maintenance plan. Once a completed application form has been received the environmental health officer will assist the water supplier in the development of the above noted plans.

Application forms to construct and operate a water system

Water quality 

To ensure you meet the water quality monitoring requirements, review the bulletins posted in the water system operators section.