Stage three: Paid post-secondary training leading to registration as a health care assistant, and your Return of Service agreement.

Post-secondary training

It will take a health care support worker 12 – 18 months to complete the health care assistant training.

The post-secondary institution programs are full-time. You will be scheduled to work during your semester breaks. 

When you graduate, you will register with the B.C. Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry and will be ready to apply for health care assistant roles. 

Post-secondary institution obligations:

  • Contacts the health care support worker to formally register individuals and review credentials.
  • Notifies Fraser Health if there are any issues regarding the health care support worker attendance or performance.
  • Initiates the clinical placements required as part of the training program.
  • Confirms with Fraser Health the list of graduating health care assistants.
  • More information about post-secondary training

    What are the prerequisites to starting the education component of the health care assistant program? 

    If not already done, you must complete the following pre-requisites for admission to your educational training:

    1. Completing a N95 mask fit test
    2. Complete a Criminal Record Check or share a completed CRC with your post-secondary institution
    3. Complete and return TB screening form provided by your post-secondary institute. If TB symptoms or risk factors are identified by the screening form, you must also obtain further TB assessment (i.e. via Public Health). Those who must obtain this assessment must provide documented proof to their post-secondary institute.
    4. Immunization against Covid-19 is a pre-requisite for admission to educational training. The following immunizations are also recommended:
      • Chickenpox/Varicella
      • Hepatitis B
      • Measles
      • Mumps
      • Polio
      • Rubella
      • Tetanus
      • Diphtheria
      • Pertussis
      • Meningococcal
      • Influenza

    Where to get immunized?

    If you are having difficulties booking an appointment with your local public health unit to receive your vaccines, you can explore community vaccine providers. A local pharmacy may also be able to special order vaccines through the local public health unit.

    Alternatively, if your family doctor provides immunizations they may be able to special order vaccines through the local public health unit.

    Will I get reimbursed for costs associated with the above requirements?

    You can apply for the pre-requisite stipend which is a one-time flat fee of $342.  To apply for this, you will need to visit the Choose2Care webpage, complete an online form, and submit official receipts.

    English language proficiency tests may be eligible for additional funding through the Choose2Care website on top of the $342 stipend.

    The Choose2Care team at Health Match BC will process applications and issue funds to eligible applicants. 

    Do I register directly with the post-secondary institution?

    No, Fraser Health is administrating the seat placements in the post-secondary institutions and will advise you and your manager when you have been placed.

    When will I get my education schedule?

    Once you have a confirmed cohort seat at a post-secondary institution, you will be advised of the schedule and start date. It is necessary that you share your school schedule with your manager.

    Do I get to choose the post-secondary institution I attend?

    Fraser Health will do its best to provide a seat in a post-secondary institution closest to your work place, however, there is no guarantee of preferred placement.

    Can I ask for a change to my school schedule?


    Who will pay for the cost of the training?

    The cost of the training will be paid directly to the participating post-secondary institution. Your salary and stipend costs will be provided to your employer to administer.

    How long will health care assistant training take?

    The training will take 12 – 18 months to complete.

    Do I continue to work as a health care support worker while I’m doing the training?

    You will be scheduled to work during any extended school breaks, up to 37.5 hours per week. Any leave requests must be submitted to and approved by your manager.

    What will happen if I am not doing well in the education part of the program?

    The school you are attending will be in contact with Fraser Health’s Health Career Access Program delegates on a regular basis to provide updates on your progress. It is expected that you participate fully and reach out to the post-secondary institution directly if you require additional educational or learning support and/or resources.

    You must be successful in the education component to maintain your position as a health care support worker and participation in the Health Career Access Program.

    Fraser Health hosts cohort check-in's throughout your time at college. Reach out to the HCAP team at if you need assistance connecting with the college for support.

    What happens if I do not complete the training?

    If you do not successfully complete the health care assistant training, your role as a health care support worker will be terminated.

    Reach out to if you do not complete the training. Let your worksite know right away if your status at college changes.

    What do I do after I graduate?

    When you graduate, you will register with the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry, then you will need to apply for a health care assistant job.

    How do I apply for job postings once I have passed the health care assistant program?

    If you work for Fraser Healthyou can view and apply to postings through myFHinfo. Once logged in to myFHinfo, click 'View/apply' on the left-hand side of the page for open postings. You will be able to search internal and external postings. Please ensure that your internal profile is fully completed when applying for postings.

    If you work for an affiliated or non-affiliated facility, you can apply to postings following the regular process at your facility.

Return of Service Agreement

In exchange for being provided a fully paid education opportunity, all participants are required to sign the Return of Service agreement with their site of hire. 

The Return of Service Agreement is a commitment to complete a 12-month period working as a health care assistant upon successful completion of the health care assistant program.

Upon completion of your health care assistant training, you must:

If there are no vacancies available, your manager will add you to the casual list and then you can apply for vacancies as they become available.

Once you are hired into a health care assistant position, you are obligated to complete the 12-month Return of Service period at that site.

What if I do not accept a position, or I need to leave my employment before 12 months?

You will be required to repay education costs (including tuition, books) plus all stipends paid to you during the education component of the program.

Can I work at any other long-term care or assisted living site during the 12-month period?

Yes. You can have more then one employer during your return of service. However, please note your Return of Service obligations to your primary site of hire must come first.


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