heart resources and referrals

Information and forms to help you care for your patients with heart disease.

Why is providing patient education important?

Providing patients, clients and their caregivers and family with information about their health condition, how it is treated and how to manage it, is an important aspect of care we provide. Patient education helps empower patients and their families to take a more active role in their own health care and recovery. The role of health care providers is important as patients often perceive them to be trusted and credible sources of information.

Providing comprehensive patient education helps the patient and health care provider achieve shared decision making, improve understanding, adherence to treatments, encourage self-management. It is important to note that providing patient education means more than just offering literature and giving directions.

What is the best way for me to provide good patient education? 

  • Understand that discharge teaching begins with early, at admission or at diagnosis.
  • Find out what the patient already knows.
  • Educate patients with every encounter.
  • Use simple, non medical jargon terms that patients can understand.
  • Ask open ended questions, such as: "Tell me what you know about your condition?"
  • Have the patient and family explain back to you what they heard you say.
  • Use a variety of methods for teaching: electronic, visual, models, hands-on learning, etc. to appeal to different learning styles.

Where can I access referral forms?

The forms listed are related to accessing clinical services in Fraser Health facilities. Please contact the relevant Fraser Health facility to enquire about clinical services documents which do not appear on this list.

Heart Function Clinic

Atrial Fibrillation Clinic

BC Echocardiogram

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Cardiology Clinic Referral

Chest Pain Clinic

Heart Health Nutrition

Healthy Heart Program

Implantable Cardiac Electrical Devices (ICED)

Lipid Clinic

Outpatient Cardiac Catherization

Pre-Surgical Health History


The following websites have cardiac health information and resources to share with patients: