Learn about the licence application process.

Information bulletins applicable to the residential care home application package

Process to get a licence

After we have received a completed application package, the applicant will be contacted by a licensing officer who will assist the applicant through the process. Issuance of a community care facility licence cannot occur until all legislative requirements have been met. The issuance of a licence can take some time as the process requires a number of approvals including:

  • Municipal (fire, building, zoning, business licence).
  • Environmental health (Public Health Act requirements related to septic; well water; food service permits; personal service establishments such as hair salons).
  • Funding program/agency (if the applicant requires funding to operate, it is the applicant’s responsibility to arrange this and meet funding program/agency requirements).
  • Licensing registered dietitian (assessment and approval of dietary and food service delivery)
  • Community care facilities licensing (assessment and approval of all written submissions; on-site inspections to determine compliance with the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and Residential Care Regulation)

Apply for an amendment to a licence

Apply for a change of facility manager

Should your facility manager resign or expect to be absent for at least 30 consecutive days, you must notify your licensing officer.

Please use the following forms to submit a notification and/or amendment to your licence. All other situations require the purchase of an application package.