Things to consider before going back to work, including child care options.

Before you go back to work, here are few things to consider when making a decision that is right for you and your family.


The World Health Organization recommends women continue to breastfeed, in addition to the introduction of complementary solid foods at six months of age, for two years and beyond. If your baby is breastfeeding, consider your options for when you go back to work.

  • Can you pump while at work and offer the baby expressed milk when he/she is away from you? Learn what you will need to pump and store breast milk at work.
  • Can your baby drink from a cup? Begin introducing a cup weeks before you go back to work. Learn more about drinks and cups.
  • Are you choosing to wean off breast milk before you return to work?

Child care

Choosing child care is an important decision. Consider what works best for your family.

  • Do you need care full-time or part-time?
  • How much can you pay?
  • Do you have help from a friend or relative?
  • Can you arrange a flexible work schedule with your boss?
  • Do you want licensed child care, unlicensed or a nanny service?
  • Do you want a group setting or a family?
  • How many children are you finding care for?
  • Do you want it close to home or to work?
  • How early or late do you need your child care provider to be available?

To help your child adjust to child care, start early, talk about it, read books about daycare, meet the daycare provider. Gradual entry options are available at most daycares. Learn more about helping your child adjust to daycare (see page 95 here).

Learn more about child care options to find what fits your family best. Having set child care will help things run smoothly and be less stressful for you and your child.

Licensed child care in Fraser Health

Licensed child care programs are offered in the community. Licensed child care facilities follow specific regulations. Fraser Health Licensing Officers routinely inspect licensed child care facilities. Find a list of licensed child care facilities in your community.

Need more details? Check out the B.C. Child Care Resource and Referral program to learn about child care options in your community.

Plan ahead for child care as spaces fill up quickly.

Child care subsidy

A child care subsidy or allowance is available to help low income families in B.C. with the cost of child care. Learn how to apply.

Adjusting to new routines

Returning to work after being off with your baby can cause a variety of emotions. Children can have difficulty adjusting to new routines and parents can have feelings of sadness or loss. These feelings vary. Talk with your partner about your feelings, plan ahead for this adjustment.