Learn about the maintenance and management of pools and hot tubs.

The Pool Regulation requires pools to be maintained by a person who has appropriate training. One way to satisfy this requirement is to take Fraser Health’s Pool and Hot Tub course. The swimming pool and hot tub course provides basic information regarding the safe and sanitary operation of swimming pools and hot tubs.

This course is suitable for anyone involved in the maintenance and management of swimming pools and hot tubs. Instruction is provided by local environmental health officers.

The course material includes the following information:

  • Pool regulations
  • Recirculation system and components
  • Biological safety
  • Pool water disinfection and chemical testing
  • Pool water chemistry
  • Pool management

Pool and hot tub course

Register for an upcoming hot tub and pool course. Cost is $60 per person (includes course book).

Call your local environmental health office for more details.