Learn how to get approval for new public swimming pools and hot tubs.

You must receive approval from Fraser Health before constructing a new swimming pool (e.g. commercial pool, hot tub, public pool, spray pool, wading pool), or before carrying out structural changes to an existing facility.

The approval process includes the following:

  • Stamped and certified construction plans must be submitted by a professional engineer or architect attention:
    Attention: Public Health Engineer
    #400, 2777 Gladwin Rd 
    Abbotsford, BC V2T 4V1
    Telephone: 604-870-7900
  • A Health Approval Application Form and a Pool Construction Permit Application Form must be submitted with the construction plans.
  • The construction plans will then be reviewed by an environmental health officer and the public health engineer.
  • Construction must not begin before a construction permit is issued by an environmental health officer.
  • Once the construction is completed, the operator must contact an environmental health officer for an initial inspection.
  • A permit to operate will only be issued once the pool passes the initial inspection conducted by both the environmental health officer and public health engineer and the permit fee is paid.
  • A pool must not operate until a permit to operate is issued by an environmental health officer.

Annual operating permits

  • Every operator of a swimming pool (e.g. commercial pool, hot tub, public pool, spray pool, wading pool) must have a valid annual permit.
  • An annual permit fee applies to all types of pools. The fee is based on the facility's size and number of months of operation.
  • Environmental health officers will conduct inspections of seasonal facilities prior to them re-opening at the beginning of each season, and on a regular basis throughout the year.
  • New operators taking over an existing pool must submit a health approval application form and pay the required permit fees.

Annual operating permit fees

  • For a swimming pool with an area less than 19 square meters: $150
  • For a swimming pool with an area greater than 19 square meters: $250

Permit application

Request for refund

When a business closes within the fiscal year the owner may apply for a refund of fees paid for the months the operating permit was not required. 

Multiple facility building sites

If you operate two or more pools, contact your local environmental health officer for more information.