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This week’s high fives go out to our incredible people at Langley Memorial, Royal Columbian and Burnaby Hospitals, as well as the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre.

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Honestly, I can't find suitable words to express my gratitude to the surgeon, doctors and the nice little angels (nurses). I got admitted in the Royal Columbia Hospital due to a heart stroke. Within no time I was admitted after relevant blood work and was declared having blockages at five places in the arteries. Of course, it took time to operate upon me to make me fit again. ... It would not be out of context to mention here the level of both pre and post operation was simply superb. I will, certainly, be failing in my duty, if I don't put on record the prompt, courteous and truly professional services rendered by the nurses, Cindy, Danielle, Crystal, Lindi, Kersten, Cora, Yena, Sera, Heather, Nicole, Courtney, Renizeh and many more. They, indeed, went an extra mile to take care of sick patients with a broad smile. I firmly believe good work must be appreciated so as to boost their morale. Lori, the physiotherapist too knows her job very well and takes the classes in a very dignified and organized way. Roshni, the dietician's concern for the better quality of food is worth applauding. One person, who stands tall amongst all remains Dean, who is almost omnipresent to perform anything and everything. In the end, I will prefer to occlude by stating, I owe my life to the hospital and will always cherish the wonderful and courteous service provided by the little angels.

I want to highlight the following people for making me feel so comfortable and taken care of when I had my septum surgery:

  1. My surgeon of course! Dr. Tsaparas. He is a highly skilled and kind man. I am grateful for his expertise and for looking after me so well.
  2. And then there was Brent from the Recovery Room and the rest of the RR staff. They're wonderful at their jobs. We had a great chat.
  3. Finally, thank you to Erin and Renu in ICU. I felt so taken care of. I was having trouble getting to sleep because of the caffeine in the T3. Erin with her amazing tan was so helpful and attentive, as was Renu.

I have so much respect for health care professionals. Thank you for doing what you do under stressful conditions. You are stars.

I needed to bring my 21 month old granddaughter to the outpatient lab for bloodwork this week, and as one might imagine, this can be a potentially traumatic experience for even the bravest of us, let alone a small child. I should note I also had two other young children with us, a 2 1/2 year old and a nine year old, and the day we came in, we noted the lab was quite busy, so we took our number and prepared to wait our turn. ... "Diana" works at the outpatient lab, and was nothing but pleasant and friendly and professional as she helped us complete the bloodwork. She made the whole process so much easier. I would just like to thank her for being such a wonderful person and so empathetic and professional just when we needed that. Thank you so very much for allowing me to share our experience.

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