Fees may include semi and private room charges, uninsured services, supplies, and procedures requested by third parties.

If you are an uninsured, out-of-province or out-of-country patient, visit our non-residents page.

If you believe you've received a bill in error and have Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage, call us immediately with your B.C. Care Card number.

Preferred accommodation

If you request and are given a semi or private room, you (or your extended benefits) will be billed for the room at the appropriate room rate. If you have any questions about preferred accommodation billing, call 604-777-8323.

Stays in hospital while awaiting long term care

You will be billed for a daily ward rate if you are waiting to transfer to a long term care home. This starts after a 30-day grace period (from the start of your wait) and will continue until your transfer.

Medical supplies

Supply or miscellaneous charges include but are not limited to – crutches, casts, splints. These items are not covered by MSP and are items that are billable to the patient. We do not bill extended plans for these charges.

View more information on charges not covered by provincial health care.

Emergency department visits

In order for your visit to be covered you must have valid provincial medical coverage. If you were billed but have MSP, contact us.

If you do not have coverage or have travel insurance, find more information on our non-residents page.


The B.C. Medical Services Plan covers tests that are medically required. Some tests ordered by third parties such as immigration/emigration departments, midwives, nurse practitioners, or naturopaths are not covered by the B.C. Medical Services Plan.

If you feel that you were wrongly billed for a medically required test, contact us.

Ambulance fees

Bills for BC Ambulance Service are not the responsibility of Fraser Health. If you have a concern, contact BC Ambulance Service.

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