A recovery and crisis prevention plan that you create for yourself.

The wellness recovery action plan (WRAP) is a recovery and crisis prevention plan that you create for yourself.

WRAP is a tool for learning how to take charge of your own health and wellness, and ways to cope with your illness on a daily basis. 

You learn to create your own wellness recovery action plan in a WRAP class. Classes meet for six to eight sessions. Topics covered are:

  • Five key concepts of recovery
  • Creating a daily maintenance plan
  • Identifying my triggers
  • Early warning signs
  • When things are breaking down
  • Creating a crisis plan

Classes are facilitated by people who have a mental health challenge and are well on the road to recovery and/or people who have faced their own life challenges and are using WRAP in their own lives. They have been trained to be able to assist you in creating your plan.

Five key concepts of recovery

WRAP is based on the five key concepts of recovery, as developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, a mental health challenge survivor and advocate.

1. Hope

If you are experiencing psychiatric symptoms, there is hope that you can get well and stay well for long periods of time. You can achieve your goals.

2. Personal responsibility

You are the expert for yourself. It is up to you to take personal responsibility for your own wellness. When you take on this responsibility, you can achieve the highest levels of wellness, happiness and life satisfaction.

3. Education

Learn everything you can about yourself and your illness, so that you can know how to make the best decisions about your life.

4. Self-advocacy

You can become an effective advocate for yourself by becoming self-aware, believing in yourself, setting personal goals and working towards meeting them.

5. Support

This is an essential element on the road to recovery. Support can come from family, friends and health care professionals.



WRAP classes are voluntary and open to anyone who has a mental health challenge and is interested in learning more about recovery and staying well.

Family members or other supporters who have a loved one experiencing mental illness can contact their community mental health and substance use centre for more information about how they can learn more or get involved.

If you are an individual with mental illness and are attached to Fraser Health services you may ask your case manager or therapist about the current schedule of WRAP classes in your community.


  • Copeland Centre
    Non-profit organization that provides training, consultation, and program activities to support the wellness and recovery journeys of individuals.
  • Communitas Supportive Care Society
    Communitas Supportive Care Society is a non-profit faith-based organization providing care in communities across British Columbia to those living with disabilities.