Strategic Direction


Our vision

Better health. Best in health care.

Our purpose

To improve the health of the population and the quality of life of the people we serve.

Our values

Respect, caring and trust characterize our relationships.

Our commitment

  • To be passionate in pursuit of quality and safe health care.
  • To inspire individual and collective contribution.
  • To be focused on outcomes, open to evidence, new ideas and innovation.
  • To embrace new partners as team members and collaborators.
  • To be accountable.

Our strategic and operational plan 

Fraser Health has developed a three year plan to guide us into the future. Our goals are to improve patient outcomes and guide us in making our operations more sustainable, providing concrete actions to help move our health authority into the future.

Health care delivery is changing to meet the needs of our population, as well as ensuring the financial sustainability of the system. We are shaping the future of health care so that people receive support to stay healthy and receive care in their homes and communities, freeing up hospital services for patients who most need it.

This is Fraser Health’s vision for the future. We’ll get there by focusing on our core hospital and community services, and by investing where people need care now and in the future: whether at home, in the community or in the hospital. We’re not alone – this is a global shift in how health care is delivered.

Together, we will help shape a sustainable future for health care.

Our priority areas include an emphasis on:

  • Providing high quality care and services to our patients, clients and residents. We will continue to review and measure our quality care indicators and other targets to ensure we are holding ourselves accountable to our standards and best practices.
  • Refining our primary and community care strategies to reduce hospital use and ensuring timely access to appropriate surgical care. This is the right thing to do for our patients. The Ministry also holds these as priorities for the Province.
  • Supporting our workforce to be engaged and motivated. This means we will be responsive and proactive and we will create a workplace that allows employees to perform at their best.
  • We will manage our resources and spend our money wisely to maximize the care and services we are able to offer our patients, clients and residents. 

Quarterly reports to the strategic and operational plan


Our vision and priorities

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