Spiritual Care Volunteers

The Spiritual Care program in Fraser Health provides spiritual and religious support to patients and families within programs such as End of Life and Residential as well as at our Acute Care sites in the region. Spiritual care is part of Fraser Health's ongoing commitment to patients, and our mission to offer them the highest quality of health care, which includes holistic support. To accomplish this task we are glad to receive Spiritual Care Volunteers, to assist with the emotional and spiritual support that our patients and families require.

The compassion and support of Spiritual Care Coordinators/Practitioners along with Spiritual Care Volunteers and Community Faith Leaders ensures that we are providing a multi-faith/cultural care environment, where patients can explore the meaning of their illness and have people from both their faith and culture to journey with them.


  • Spiritual Care Volunteer-Residential
  • Spiritual Care Volunteer-Acute Care
  • Spiritual Care Volunteer-Worship Services, Memorials and special events
  • Spiritual Care Volunteer-Sacred Space Support Volunteer
  • Spiritual Care Volunteer-Education Support Volunteer
  • On-Call Faith Leaders
  • Urgent or Emergent Oncall Faith Leaders
  • Spiritual Care Companions-End of Life Program
  • Hospice Society Volunteer (contact your local hospice society)


Volunteers must be 19 years of age. Volunteers must be connected with a Fraser Health community Faith Group (Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Parish, Stake, etc.).   Volunteers must be willing to participate in Spiritual Care training modules required for their group.  (Community Clergy/Faith Leaders need to attend only Module #5  but may attend the whole training series if they wish).   Volunteers must be willing to complete the application process. 


For information on Spritual Care volunteer opportunities at a facility near you, please visit our Volunteer page.

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