Executives delivery candy to workers at Eagle Ridge Hospital

Teams at Eagle Ridge Hospital were happy to see Fraser Health executives on site handing out candy to thank everybody for their hard work during the site's Go-Live.

Fraser Health executives delivered sweet treats to show appreciation to the hard-working, dedicated staff and medical staff at Eagle Ridge Hospital — the first site to Go-Live with MEDITECH Expanse. “It was a pleasure to visit the units with treats,” said Jennifer MacGregor, Vice-President Digital Patient and Provider Experience. “It provided a wonderful opportunity to connect with staff, hear their thoughts and share our appreciation. It was a small expression of our sincere gratitude for the hard work of all staff and medical staff at Eagle Ridge. This is an exciting time, and we feel privileged to serve those who tirelessly provide quality care to our patients and communities.”


Teams throughout the hospital, from nurses to lab staff and emergency department greeters, were surprised and pleased to see the executives on site pushing the candy cart. Staff, medical staff and volunteers all expressed their own appreciation for being remembered and recognized by Fraser Health leadership during this busy, but significant time. 


As the rollout of this digital transformation continues at Eagle Ridge Hospital, Advance Program team experts remain onsite to support staff and medical staff as they learn the new system. The adoption of this electronic health record will improve the quality, consistency and safety of patient care, and provide access to more comprehensive health data anytime, anywhere.


Watch this video to hear from Dr. Victoria Lee, CEO and President of Fraser Health, Laurie Leith, Vice President of Regional Hospitals and Health Services, and Dr. Ralph Belle, Vice President of Medicine, as they provide insight into the inspiration, motivation and benefits associated with this journey into the future of care.


Seen below are smiles of appreciation, even sweeter than the sweetest treat on the candy cart! 



Executives delivery candy on Go-Live day

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