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This transformation will improve the quality and completeness of patient information that community-based physicians receive from Eagle Ridge Hospital.

On April 15, 2023, Eagle Ridge Hospital will be the first acute care campus in Fraser Health to launch MEDITECH Expanse, a new, comprehensive, clinical information system planned for eventual implementation to all acute care campuses across the region. 

This important step into the future of care will improve the quality of provider documentation from Eagle Ridge Hospital and will change the way community-based physicians receive patient information. 

This digital transformation means that community-based physicians will receive improved, more comprehensive patient reports from Eagle Ridge, with clearer formatting. Referring physicians will also be automatically copied on admission notes, consults, operative notes, discharge summaries, emergency notes and outpatient documents. Note: Medical imaging and lab results will remain largely unchanged. 

What to expect following Go-Live on April 15, 2023?

Community-based physicians will receive PDF versions of detailed documentation
, replacing the existing plain-text transcribed reports. Reports will continue to be delivered through preferred delivery channels (i.e., EMR vendor, Excelleris Launchpad web viewer, fax or mail). 

Physicians with patients at Eagle Ridge during Go-Live will temporarily receive duplicate notifications – one when the patient is discharged from the current system and one when the patient is re-admitted into MEDITECH Expanse. This duplication will be limited to the Go-Live weekend, and to admission and discharge notifications only.

Thank you for continuing to entrust the care of your patients to Fraser Health. We look forward to continuing to improve patient coordination and care together. 

Community-based physicians who have questions about the Advance Program at Fraser Health, can email Miranda Cho at If you experience any issues receiving reports from Eagle Ridge Hospital after April 15, please email

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