Dr. Patrascu

In the ever-evolving health care technology landscape, traditional health care documentation workflows that are entangled in paper and manual processes, are undergoing a remarkable transformation with the integration of MEDITECH Expanse and Fluency Direct, Front-End-Speech-Recognition (FESR).

Dr. Stefan Patrascu, a family and emergency physician, recounts the recent Advance Program implementation at Fraser Canyon Hospital and how Fluency Direct helped to create efficiency and more informed patient care. 

Ahead of the curve

Fraser Canyon Hospital took a proactive approach by embracing and extensively using FESR early on. This strategic move made providers at Fraser Canyon adept users prior to Advance implementation, reducing the training burden and ensuring a smoother transition at Go-Live.

"I advise my colleagues to complete the FESR training and start using it early. Managing multiple changes concurrently, such as transitioning to MEDITECH Expanse and adopting dictation, can be challenging. Streamlining the process with FESR training first ensures a more seamless experience." 

A game changer   

Amidst the hectic pace of a bustling hospital, tools like FESR become invaluable, providing shortcuts, macros, commands, and other tailored functionalities. These features empower users to automate tasks, ensuring swift navigation through the system.
Combining digital workflows with real-time access to patient information is a game-changer. Dr. Patrascu emphasizes this transformative impact, stating that retrieving vital patient data in the past was cumbersome. Now, with MEDITECH Expanse, essential information is readily accessible, reducing the risk of oversight and enhancing the quality of patient care. 

Benefits to enhance the provider experience

According to Dr. Patrascu, FESR's flexibility and efficiency in starting and stopping dictation seamlessly, whether using a handheld or a mobile microphone, offers a significant advantage. This feature empowers providers to multitask more effectively.
"I prefer to use the mobile microphone as it allows me to move around more easily. I can pause dictation to speak to my patients or nurses and then resume dictating when I'm ready." Dr. Patrascu advised that if you opt to use the mobile vs. the handheld microphone, make sure to download the app and sync it before going live. 

Celebrating success

Fraser Canyon Hospital's success story illuminates the positive impact of embracing new digital technologies and fostering collaborative efforts between the hospital and the Advance Program. Dr. Patrascu expresses gratitude for the team's instrumental role in implementing transformative healthcare technologies.
Let's celebrate Digital Health Week by applauding the healthcare heroes across Fraser Health who are shaping a future where technology and compassionate care go hand in hand. 

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