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Training and support

Super users

As part of the training for Advance, our team will be recruiting super user volunteers. As a super user, you will receive enhanced training and act as a resource for your colleagues as they learn the new system.

If you are interested in becoming a super user at your site, stay tuned for details about when Advance will be implemented at your site.

Read on to find out more about super users.

  • Who can be a super user?
    Anyone can be a super user. Advance will need super users from every department, and representatives from as many roles as possible, e.g., providers, clinicians, allied health professionals, unit clerks, as well as professionals and staff from medical imaging, cardiology, lab, pharmacy, health information management, registration, and scheduling.
  • What is required to be a super user?

    Super users are essential in leading, coaching, and supporting their colleagues through the transition to Advance.

    Here are just a few of the skills we are looking for:

    Super users

  • What are the benefits of being a super user?

    Super users will receive enhanced training and be equipped to help their colleagues learn how to use the new system. Other benefits include:

    • Gain valuable first-hand experience.
    • Get a behind-the-scenes view of the project.
    • Help to enable a smooth transition to the new system.
    • Pass on your training directly to your colleagues.
    • Liaise between your colleagues and the project team.
    • Help to give the Advance Program a boost in user acceptance.
    • Acquire leadership experience to pursue future opportunities as a manager, clinical nurse educator, or administrator.
  • Who will support me in my role as a super user?

    The Advance team will provide the tools and training you need to succeed in this role. Leading up to Go-Live you will have many learning opportunities that will include:

    • Training session (in-person) geared towards your role.
    • E-Learning courses recommended for your role.
    • Virtual Office Hours, allowing you to drop in and ask questions on key topics.
  • What will super users do during go-live?


    Super User diagram showing golive roles

    During the go-live period, super users will support the transition to Advance in the following ways:

    • Troubleshoot issues experienced by your colleagues with the system or devices and escalate issues or submit tickets to the support centre if you cannot fix the issue.
    • Provide one-on-one support to your colleagues. This means you will need
      to be:
      • Familiar with the workflows within your department(s).
      • Able to identify colleagues who need assistance and help upskill them to complete their tasks using the new workflows.
    • Act as an ambassador for Advance, helping to promote MEDITECH® Expanse's advantages.
  • Where can I sign up to be a super user at future go-lives?

    Stay tuned for when Advance will rollout at your site, and then if you want to register to be a super user, send an email to the Advance super user team.

  • Where can I get more information about becoming a super user?

    Stay tuned for when Advance will rollout at your site, and then if you want more details about becoming a super user, please email the Advance super user team.