Training and support

Advance training session

Training and support

Training FAQs

  • What will training for Advance involve?
    Training will include a combination of instructor-led classroom sessions and independent e-learning modules through LearningHub.
  • Is training mandatory?
    Yes. Everyone who will use MEDITECH® Expanse, including medical staff, will be required to have been trained prior to using the system once it is implemented at their site. This includes locums, residents, and nursing students.
  • How long will training take?
    Training for providers (physicians, midwives, nurse practitioners, dentists) will take up to six hours, including approximately two to three hours of classroom training and three hours of e-learns. 

    Training for clinical and administrative staff (nurses, clerks, allied health, support professionals) will take up to 11 hours, including three hours of e-learns and anywhere from two to eight hours of classroom training, depending on the role. 
  • Why is there so much training?
    It's best practice to provide training that includes interactions with different kinds of orders and medication types in various scenarios. Training involves detailed walkthroughs to provide appropriate training on these elements and requires using in-depth clinical scenarios. This approach helps users feel better prepared for Go-Live.
  • Do locums, residents and nursing students require training?
    Everyone providing patient care is required to complete MEDITECH® Expanse training (e-learn and classroom courses) to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills needed to use the system and provide safe patient care. The amount and type of training they receive will depend on their scope of clinical responsibilities.
  • How will the Advance Program ensure that training is relevant to different roles and covers important workflows?
    The Advance Program is working with Clinical Nurse Educators, provider representatives and clinical work stream representatives to design realistic clinical scenarios that will be used in the classroom training sessions. These scenarios will contain important workflows that are regularly used within specific clinical areas. Lesser used or simpler workflows will be addressed in e-Learning.
  • When does training for MEDITECH® Expanse begin?
    Training registration typically begins five to six months before Go-Live, with classroom and e-Learning training sessions occurring three to four months before Go-Live.
  • I'm not very comfortable using computers for work. What can I do to improve my skillset?

    If you're not comfortable using technology, you can review a digital literacy support document on the Advance portal. This document has useful links to help you improve your computer skills. You can also reach out to the Advance training team at for more personalized support to improve your computer literacy.

  • Can I refer back to e-Learns once they are completed in LearningHub?
    Yes. The e-Learns will remain in your curriculum and you can refer back to them as many times as you choose.
  • What if I complete my training and I don't feel ready for Go-Live?
    It is normal to feel stress and apprehension heading into a Go-Live. You are not alone; help will be available. There will be in-person support on the units to coach anyone who needs it, help remember workflow steps, and report issues if something is not working as intended. It typically takes one rotation to be comfortable working through repetitive workflows and several weeks to be fully comfortable with the system.
  • Is there anything staff need to do to prepare for training, besides ensuring they’re registered? 

    Staff are encouraged to update their LearningHub accounts, by ensuring their LearningHub profile includes their Fraser Health email address and their employee number.