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Training and support

Training Registration 

Training is mandatory for anyone who will use MEDITECH Expanse.

Before you register, set up your LearningHub account

How to set up your LearningHub account


Have questions about training? Visit the FAQ pages: 

Contact us at:

Registration is now open at the following sites: 

  • Fraser Canyon Hospital and Mission Memorial Hospital

    Training registration- Now Open

    Training is offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early to get your preferred date and time. 

    Step 1- Find your Curriculum

    Use the Advance Training Curriculum Tool to find what curriculum to register for based on your role.

    Step 2 - Register 

    • If you don't already have an account, you will need to set up your LearningHub account before you can register. 
    • Log in to the LearningHub from the link provided in Advance Training Curriculum tool. 
    • You can also log into the LearningHub and search for the curriculum you were assigned in the tool.

    Step 3 - Inform your manager 

    Let your manager or department head know when your training dates are booked. 

    Step 4 - Complete your e-learns 

    Complete any e-learns that have been assigned before attending classroom training. 
  • Eagle Ridge Hospital

    Sustainment training registration - Now open

    Registration is open for staff and providers at Eagle Ridge Hospital who have not had MEDITECH Expanse training, including new hires and those who were on an LOA at Go-Live. 

    Follow the steps below to register. Classroom training starts on September 5, 2023. After this date, just-in-time training will no longer be available. 

    Step 1- Submit a user Access Request 

    You will need access to MEDITECH Expanse when you attend training. It can take up to 10-14 days to gain access. 

    Check with your supervisor or department head to determine if an access request has been submitted. If you don't have access, submit a user access request. 

    Step 2- Set up your LearningHub account 

    You will need an active LearningHub account to register. How to set up your LearningHub account

    Step 3 - Find your courses

    Select the courses relevant to your role: 

    Step 4 - Register 

    Register for all required courses on LearningHub. 

    Step 5 - Inform your manager 

    Inform your manager or department head of your training dates. 


You will need to set up and verify your LearningHub account before you can register for training. 
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