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Training and support

Training registration

Training registration typically occurs five to six months before a site’s Go-Live date.  This ensures staff can plan their schedules well in advance and managers can plan their staffing accordingly. Registration is completed through the LearningHub learning management system and must be completed by everyone who will use MEDITECH® Expanse.  

Training registration is now open for staff and medical staff at Eagle Ridge Hospital. If you currently work at Eagle Ridge and will use MEDITECH® 
Expanse, follow the steps outlined below to complete your registration:  

  • How do I register?
    Step 1:  

    Log into LearningHub using your Fraser Health email.  

    Note: Physicians are encouraged to use a Fraser Health email but may use another preferred email address. 

    Step 2:  

    Under ‘My Enrollments’, you will find your classroom training curriculum specific to your role. The curriculum listed includes classroom session dates to choose from.  

    Note: If you don’t see Advance curriculum in your profile, contact

    Step 3:  

    Select your preferred date and time for your classroom training session. If it is on a day you are scheduled to work, please discuss it with your manager before registering. 

    Step 4:  

    Upon completion, advise your unit manager/CNE/department head of your classroom training date. 

    Step 5:  

    Your e-learn courses will appear in LearningHub for you to access in mid-January. A KYI will be distributed to notify you when e-learn courses are ready. Your e-learn courses must be completed before your classroom training. 
  • What if I was assigned to the wrong course curriculum?

    If you were assigned to the wrong curriculum, or cannot see your curriculum in LearningHub, email the Advance training team at and copy your manager. Be sure to include information on your primary role and unit/program. 

Update a LearningHub account

If you update your LearningHub account with your Fraser Health email address, your learning history will be tracked in one place. This is important to ensure you are enrolled in your corresponding Advance training curriculum.

Read this PDF for steps on how to update your LearningHub account.

Verify your LearningHub account

If you’ve already updated your LearningHub account with your Fraser Health email address, don’t forget to verify your account.

Verifying your account ensures you are enrolled in your corresponding Advance training curriculum, and you will be able to register as soon as registration opens.

Read this PDF for steps on how to verify your LearningHub account.

If you are an Eagle Ridge Hospital staff or medical staff member, go to LearningHub to verify your account and update your email address.
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