Surrey Memorial Hospital and community

Surrey Memorial Hospital and community

Investing in the future of Surrey

B.C.’s population is growing and changing, especially in Surrey. As more people move to our region, we are making investments into our health services to keep up with growing demand.

In June 2023, the Ministry of Health and Fraser Health announced a number of priority actions we would be undertaking to improve health services in Surrey. Among these actions are a number of capital developments:

  • New renal unit on the Surrey Memorial Hospital campus: this expanded unit will help ensure patients who need hospital-based renal care receive it more quickly.
  • Second Interventional Radiology (IR) suite: this suite will enable stroke and cardiac specialty expansion at the hospital, ensuring patients who need interventional radiology will have better access to receive the care they need.  
  • Two additional cardiac catheterization labs: these additional labs will bring tertiary cardiac services to Surrey and enable patients to receive care closer to home.
  • Additional equipment for Cardiac Care Unit: as the hospital welcomes more cardiac patients to the additional catheterization labs on-site, the Cardiac Care Unit will require additional monitoring equipment.
  • Operating Rooms renovation: completing renovations of existing Operating Rooms will expand capacity to support more patients and upgrade the infrastructure and equipment with the latest technology.
  • Additional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): will help meet the increasing need for diagnostic services and decrease wait times for patients.
  • Upgraded Computerized Tomography (CT) scanner: an upgrade to the existing CT scanner at Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre will increase capacity to provide cardiac scans to people in Surrey.
  • Pediatric Emergency Department renovations: upgrades to the waiting areas will expand the space to support families in a more comfortable environment.
  • New care spaces for vulnerable patient populations: Purchasing new care spaces and increasing access to transitional beds in the community will support patients who no longer need hospital-level care to move from Surrey Memorial Hospital, ensuring those who require hospital-level care receive it as soon as possible.

To read the latest progress updates on these initiatives and the rest of the priority actions, see our page on Transforming health care in Surrey.


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