Supporting health care teams with ethical duty and making challenging decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Provincial resources

The Provincial Ethics Working Group has been working with the B.C. Health Emergency Coordination Centre to develop specific COVID-19 ethical guidance frameworks. These have been published by the B.C. Office of the Provincial Health Officer.

    COVID-19 Ethical Decision-making Framework

    The ethical decision-making framework, and underlying principles and values, provides an interim process to support health care organizations and teams to make challenging decisions in a COVID-19 outbreak.

    Access the COVID-19 Ethical Decision-Making Framework – March 28, 2020 (PDF, 367KB)

    COVID-19 Duty of Care

    The ethical analysis focuses on the duty of health care workers in circumstances where there is a risk of harm to their own person.

    Access the COVID-19 Ethics Analysis: What is the Ethical Duty of Health Care Workers to Provide Care During COVID-19 Pandemic? – March 28, 2020 (PDF, 435KB)


    Fraser Health resources

    Ethics consultation

    For support with values uncertainty or conflict in a clinical case, clinical ethics consult is available by completing a consult intake form (internal link, must be signed in to Fraser Health network). Support is also available for ethically challenging problems or questions not related to individual patient cases.

    Email or leave a voicemail at 604-587-4486 and mention the words ethics challenge, and you’ll be connected with a member of our team.

    For more information visit the Clinical Ethics Consultation information page.

    Moral distress debriefing

    Moral distress describes the experience of losing or fearing the loss of things that matter greatly. This experience is characterized by painful feelings of guilt, anger, sadness, powerlessness.

    Fraser Health Ethics & Diversity Services partners with People & Culture to offer tools and support for dealing with moral distress. (internal link, must be signed in to Fraser Health network)

    To access support for yourself or your team, including exercises to debrief moral distress, please email and mention the words moral distress. A member of the team will work with you to determine the best support plan. We can also refer to other helpful resources (e.g. CISM, EAP).


    Don’t hesitate to reach out.