Thank you for your interest and contributions to supporting the COVID-19 immunization clinics. 

Your role in the B.C. COVID-19 Immunization Plan is truly impactful; you are helping save lives and are contributing to the community immunity needed to control COVID-19 infections in B.C. 

For all roles, the Required Learning page will help you navigate the required immunizer education needed, specific to your role at the immunization clinics, and your current profession and vaccination experience. 

COVID-19 vaccines in Fraser Health

The COVID-19 vaccines used have been approved by Health Canada. They are safe, effective and will save lives. Vaccines do more than protect the people getting vaccinated, they also protect everyone around them. The more people in a community who are immunized and protected from COVID-19, the harder it is for COVID-19 to spread.

Learn about our vaccine rollout plans, including when and how people in Fraser Health can book their immunization appointments.

COVID-19 Immunization clinic locations in Fraser Health.

For general information about the vaccine, visit or