Language Services coordinates all translation requests and supports all the steps in translating approved patient education material.

Step 1: Getting your patient education material approved

To be considered for translation, your patient education material must:

  • Not duplicate existing materials
  • Meet high standards of quality, accuracy and usability
  • Supplement and not replace the use of trained interpreters when communicating with limited English speaking patients and their families
  • Be approved by the Patient Education Department
  • Be in its final copy

Step 2: Submitting for translation

  • Please send in the request form to
    • Request for translation form.
    • The request must include the English Microsoft Word file or other source file (editable document) of the document.
  • In cases where the source document contains confidential patient information, materials can be sent that are password protected, with the password sent in a second email.
  • For documents that are not approved patient education materials, please indicate on the request form a cost center and whether a quote is required before proceeding.
  • A qualified translator in the language requested is contracted to complete the translation.
  • A proof-reader in the requested language is utilized to ensure accuracy.
  • The final translated document is received by Fraser Health Language Services
  • The translated document is emailed to the requestor with originals to follow via internal mail (if relevant)
    • If the document is approved Patient Education material, it is sent to the Patient Education Department to be uploaded into their database.
    • The link to the online document is sent to the requestor by Patient Education.
  • For all other materials, the translated document is emailed to the requestor.