Use your personally-owned devices to securely access Fraser Health information and apps.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a voluntary program that allows eligible Fraser Health staff to use their personally-owned devices to securely access Fraser Health information and apps.

Staff who opt to enroll their personal devices into the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program to access Fraser Health information and apps (and return their corporate device if applicable) will be eligible to receive a reimbursement for their personal voice and data plan.

Fraser Health Workspace ONE is the platform that enables these personally-owned devices to be enrolled such that corporate information and apps can be secured and managed on these personal devices.

  • What is the Fraser Health Workspace ONE platform?

    Workspace ONE is Fraser Health’s brand new Enterprise Mobility Management infrastructure solution which enables users to experience seamless access to Fraser Health applications and corporate resources to meet business and clinical needs, while protecting personal, corporate and patient data through encryption and approved Fraser Health security mechanisms.

  • What does BYOD mean for me?

    By enrolling your personal device, you will be enabled for the same access as with a corporate device, but with increased flexibility and device choice. This allows you to consolidate both your personal apps/data as well as Fraser Health apps/data onto a single device for seamless access.

    In a nutshell, BYOD allows your personally-owned device to:

    • Automatically receive Fraser Health apps.
    • Access a Fraser Health-specific app catalogue to download new Fraser Health-approved apps.
    • Seamlessly connect to Fraser Health apps and data without using a VPN token.
    • Automatically connect to Fraser Health Workspace ONE-dedicated Wi-Fi (where available).
    • Improve security through protection of your device and personal data via industry standard device encryption mechanisms.
  • What are the user eligibility requirements to enroll in BYOD?

    Workspace ONE enrollment is open to all Fraser Health staff who meet the following criteria:

    • Fraser Health corporate staff who are eligible for a corporate device (if you currently already have a corporate device, please discuss your contract expiry and BYOD eligibility with your manager). 

    • Fraser Health medical staff (physicians, nurse practitioners and midwives) who have privileges at Fraser Health acute sites.

    • All other Fraser Health staff whose roles could benefit from mobile access to email and Fraser Health apps/data (if unsure, please discuss your eligibility with your manager prior to making a BYOD request).

  • I am eligible and would like to enroll in BYOD. How can I request enrollment?

    Request for access

    1. Log in to MyFHinfo with your Fraser Health username/password.
    2. Click on Request My Information from the left side menu.
    3. Click on Request to Enroll Personal Device in BYOD.
    4. Fill out the form and submit it for the manager's approval
  • Where can I get support for my BYOD device?

    For questions, service requests, issues, and to receive support for your BYOD device:

    • Call Service Desk (604-585-5544) and select option ‘3’.
    • For additional information or requests, contact the Workspace ONE team at