Resources for emotional first aid.

Emotional first aid peer support workshop

Likely all of us will experience a traumatic event or tragic scenario in our life journey.

This 3 ½ hour workshop teaches basic tools for enhancing participants’ own care and compassion for others who have experienced a significantly challenging event.

Compassion for others is a valuable skill for health care professionals to have. Health care roles often require constant giving which can increase stress levels and in a sense "zap" the supply of personal compassion and care. At times a trusted and respected colleague will be the first one available to assist in reducing the impact of a very traumatic and challenging event.

This course is designed to give participants basic tools on offering emotional first aid for your peers. In addition, these skills are also beneficial in supporting family, friends, neighbours and community groups. Teaching components and practical skill development in providing emotional support are the main objectives of this workshop

This course is open to all Fraser Health employees, medical staff and volunteers.

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Advanced emotional first aid peer support workshop

This 3 ½ hour workshop builds on the fundamental skills for providing support to colleagues in crises and in the aftermath of critical situations.

Advanced Emotional First Aid is for staff who have completed the prerequisite course Emotional First Aid: Peer Support and want a refresher on its goals and basic skills, along with a significant amount of time spent in direct practice in order to refine and sharpen their skill base.

Advanced Emotional First Aid builds on the fundamental skills for providing peer support in crises and in the aftermath of trying situations. It explores situations which are both more complex and demanding of the peer support provider.

The course will focus on a number of topics:

  • Reaching out to connect with a person who might need emotional support
  • Dealing with someone’s resistance to your offer of assistance
  • Recognizing when to refer a person for further assistance and how to make that referral
  • Learning some simple skills in suicide intervention to use with someone at risk of attempting to take their own life
  • Multiple role-play opportunities to sharpen and refine your crisis intervention skills

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