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Our lives outside work can have a significant influence our experiences at work and overall health. Find resources to support your work-life balance.

There are a variety of programs and practices in place at Fraser Health that can help you achieve better work-life balance.

Leave policies 

Leave policies – such as compassionate leave, special leave and sick leave – are in place so you can take time off when life takes an unexpected turn. 

Flexible work options

Depending on your role, Fraser Health work options may be able to offer you flexibility in terms of when and where you work.

Vacation time

Taking scheduled time off is an important way to keep our batteries charged, so make sure you take your daily breaks and use your allotted vacation time each year. Check your collective agreement or terms of employment to see what is available to you. 

Family friendly initiatives

Some Fraser Health sites offer onsite daycare and other initiatives to support employees with families, please contact your manager or site administration to see what offerings may be available.

If you offer family friendly initiatives such as daycare or other offerings at your site, please contact us so we can add the information to this page.

Health resources to help you support the seniors in your life

Living with dignity, respect and support are just some of the basics that seniors deserve. This resource lets you know what, where and how to access Fraser Health and community-based services to help seniors remain independent. For more information, visit Fraser Health’s guide to services for seniors.

Health resources to help you support the children and youth in your life

For resources, information and programs for children and youth, visit the Fraser Health Children and Youth web resource.

HealthLink BC

HealthLinkBC offers reliable, non-emergency health care advice and information. Access nurses, dieticians, exercise professionals and pharmacists. Visit the HealthLinkBC website to learn more or call 8-1-1.


Interested in practical and easy to use tips to improve your family’s overall health and wellness? HealthyFamilies BC can help! Gain access to articles, resources and programs in areas such as food, health, parenting, pregnancy, aging well and much more. Your family matters. For more information, visit the Healthy Families BC website.