Access reflective debriefing to alleviate moral distress

Are you experiencing moral distress? 

Ethics and Diversity Services can support you and your team with facilitated debriefing conversation or a special education session on how to address moral distress. 

Moral distress describes the experience of losing or fearing the loss of things that matter greatly. This experience is characterized by painful feelings of guilt, anger, sadness, powerlessness.

We can address moral distress by examining our experience in a thoughtful way through self-reflection. We can also talk to someone or have reflective debriefing conversations with a peer or with members of our team. 

How we can support you?

A member of the Ethics and Diversity team can support you by facilitating a debriefing conversation aimed at addressing your moral distress. Moral distress debriefing can be done individually or with your team. 

In a moral distress debriefing, the following 4 steps are followed: 

ASSESS: Name what you are experiencing

  • What are you constrained to do?
  • How long has this been going on?
  • How are you feeling emotionally/physically?
  • How do you cope?                                         

EVALUATE: Make sense of the situation

  • What is important to you that you have lost?             
  • What is important to you that you still have?             
  • What do you want more that you CAN control?         

STRATEGIZE: Reintegrate self into life

  • What circumstances help or hinder in dealing with the constraints you encountered?
  • How will you bring what really matters to you that you can control into your world?

PARTNER: Rebuild trust through open, honest dialogue

  • What relationships are helpful in enacting the new strategies you identified?

To request a facilitated debriefing or an education session on how to address moral distress, please send us an email at or leave a voicemail at 604-587-4486.