Home support services across Fraser Health will be brought in-house by the end of March 2020. Regular updates will provide staff and leaders with information about the transition process.

What’s Happening? 

Overview of on-boarding, orientation and education activities for new staff from contracted home support providers 

  • On-boarding fairs are scheduled to begin in September for staff from the home support providers.  The fairs will facilitate the on-boarding process such as completing required forms (benefits, tax etc.) and meeting with Fraser Health managers. The on-boarding fairs are approximately four (4) hours long, and the provider staff are expected to attend an on-boarding fair prior to their first day at work.  Fraser Health will work with the providers to ensure staff are scheduled to attend.
  • Kiosks at on-boarding fairs will provide information about medication administration self-assessment, talent acquisition and onboarding, benefits and employee information, health profile, fit-testing of N95 respiratory protection, registration for required online courses, data intake, photo ID, and union matters.
  • Transferring staff will be required to complete online learning modules and Procura training prior to their start date. On-line education subjects include: new employee orientation, hand hygiene, biological hazards and hazardous drugs, WHSCH (Workplace Health Safe Client Handling) and WHIMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System), working alone and violence prevention.  Other education will occur following transfer to Fraser Health, including subjects related to: violence prevention (classroom session), medication administration competency, palliative care, dementia and falls prevention. These requirements are to ensure our new employees are integrated and educated on Fraser Health policies and procedures.
  • Where owned and operated home support teams exist, site orientation will be provided by them to the new staff with assistance from the project team. In the case where no owned and operated teams exist, support for set-up and site orientation will be directly provided by the project team.
  • A staff engagement survey, to monitor and support the teams throughout the transition, will be sent out each month before, during, and after repatriation. The first survey was sent mid-August. Participation and feedback will help Fraser Health support current staff and improve the integration of new employees into existing teams.

If you would like to volunteer at the on-boarding fairs, please contact Jacque Clarke.