In order to submit immunization consultation requests to your local Public Health Unit, you must first register for a community vaccine provider (CVP) portal account.

Register for a portal account

  1. Go to Login (*
  2. Click Create Provider Account
    Login to the community vaccine provider portal
  3. On the New Provider Account Creation page, complete the mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk *), then click Create Provider Account

Once you get an email that Public Health has approved your account, you can log into the portal and submit a consultation request.

Note: Periodically check your main Inbox, and your Junk or Spam folder.

Log into the CVP portal

  1. Return to the CVP portal login page: Login (*
  2. Enter the username and password that you created when you registered for your account


Submit a CVP consultation request

This form is for non-urgent immunization questions only. If you have urgent questions, contact your local Public Health Unit directly.

Note: Some fields are mandatory depending on the information you enter into the form. These fields are marked with
a red asterisk (*) or a yellow triangle.
This field is required 

  1. Confirm the pre-populated Provider Information details and select your Local Public Health Unit from the dropdown list
  2. Provide information for an Alternate Provider if you share a practice where you cover for each other
  3. Provide Patient Information if applicable
  4. Indicate the Type of consultation you are requesting
  5. Describe your Consultation Question, including relevant clinical details
  6. Indicate your preferred response timeframe
  7. Acknowledge the privacy and accuracy statements
  8. Click Submit Consultation

After submitting your request, you will see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation email. Both contain a reference number for your request.

Cancel a consultation request

If you need to cancel a consultation request for any reason, click the Cancel Request button on the request submission confirmation page or in the confirmation email.

Need help?

See below.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need an account?

    You need an account so that you can log into a secure portal where it is safe to share confidential patient information, as needed.

  • Why do I have to enter my College ID?

    The Fraser Health Immunization Consult Team uses your College ID to confirm your role as a community vaccine provider in the Fraser Health region.

  • How long will it take for my account to be approved?

    Public Health staff work hard to respond to all requests for accounts and consultations in a timely manner. If you haven’t received confirmation of your approved account within three days of submitting your registration, contact

  • What if I don't know which local Public Health Unit to select?

    You can select Unknown, then enter your worksite address in the field that appears. Public Health staff will direct your request according to your location.

  • Can I ask a general immunization question, or does it have to be related to a specific patient?

    You can do either. If you are submitting a general question, there is a checkbox to indicate This consultation request is not related to a patient.

    If your immunization question does not fit into one of the consultation types described on the form, you can check the box next to Other.

  • Is it safe to provide confidential patient information in the request form?

    Yes. The portal and form are secure and encrypted. The only people who see the information you submit are Public Health staff who access the portal with unique usernames and passwords.

  • Are my information, username and password secure?

    Yes. The information you submit during registration is secure and encrypted. Your username, college ID and contact information is only visible to Public Health staff who access the portal with unique usernames and passwords.

  • Can I order vaccine supply through this request form?

    At this time, the portal does not support vaccine ordering. Please continue to use the current online order form: PPH Vaccine Requests (Integrated) (*


  • If I have any other questions, who should I contact?

    If you have any other questions about using this portal or form, please contact


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