Access opportunities to partner with us to further your research.

What are the benefits of becoming affiliated?

  • Match academics with Fraser Health clinicians and decision-makers
  • Access to support to develop knowledge translation strategies for bringing forward results for implementation
  • Provides access to patients and data

Do I need to become affiliated with Fraser Health?

Academic researchers who wish to conduct research in Fraser Health owned and/or operated sites only must become affiliated. This does not apply to: 

  • Research conducted in the Fraser Valley but that is outside of the direct Fraser Health Authority jurisdiction, e.g. private physician offices, community centres, not for profit centres. Fraser Health does not have jurisdiction over research conducted at non-Fraser Health sites.
  • Placement of recruitment materials in Fraser Health sites (as long as there is no actual recruitment being conducted). 
  • Research that is approved by another Research Ethics Board and for which a participant has already consented to the release of their health record data and/or tissue that is held by Fraser Health. 

What is an affiliated researcher?

Affiliated researchers are non-Fraser Health academic researchers who have been granted ‘affiliated status’ with Fraser Health. In some cases, the researcher may be employed by another health authority.

We have research affiliation/collaboration agreements with academic institutions that describe institutional requirements under which a non-Fraser Health researcher can become affiliated with Fraser Health.  

What are the minimum requirements?

The following key requirements are addressed in the agreement:

  • Research ethical review and approval must be obtained from the Fraser Health Research Ethics Board (FHREB). Affiliated researchers are eligible for harmonized review. 
  • There must be a Fraser Health co-investigator for each research study conducted by the affiliated researcher.  
  • Our ethics and research approval policies and procedures apply to affiliated researchers.  
  • A study report must be submitted to the Department of Evaluation and Research Services at the end of the study.

What is the process?

To confirm eligibility, submit the following documents to Kate Keetch.

  • Letter of application outlining why the applicant wishes to become affiliated and their area of research study.
  • Current academic curriculum vitae specifying the applicant’s academic affiliation and area of research study.

Following confirmation of eligibility, the applicant will be sent an Initial Letter of Confirmation with next steps. This includes the signing of the Research Collaboration Agreement that Fraser Health has with the researcher’s particular academic institution which is also sent to the applicant. 

Once the appropriate signatures are obtained on the Research Collaboration Agreement, it is returned to us, and a Letter of Confirmation is then emailed to the applicant. 

What is the timeline?

Confirmation of initial eligibility and a letter detailing next steps is normally emailed to the applicant researcher within three business days.

What universities and health organizations are affiliated with Fraser Health?

We have Research Affiliation Collaboration Agreements with: 

  • Interior Health
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Langara College
  • McGill University
  • Providence Health Care
  • Royal Roads University
  • Simon Fraser University
  • St. Michael's Hospital
  • Trinity Western University
  • University of the Fraser Valley
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Northern British Columbia
  • University of Victoria
  • Vancouver Coastal Health

How do I find a Fraser Health co-investigator and what is their role?

Academic researchers are responsible for identifying a Fraser Health employee or doctor who is willing to be a co-investigator.

A letter from your Fraser Health co-investigator must be submitted with your ethics application to the Fraser Health Research Ethics Board with the following information: 

  • Complete study title
  • Name of the principal investigator conducting the study
  • Clear outline (can be in point form) of the co-investigator’s responsibilities and include their signature
  • Applications not including this information will not be reviewed and will be returned for completion

Do I need Fraser Health Ethics Board approval to place recruitment information in Fraser Health sites?

Yes, researchers must get permission from the site to place recruitment brochures, posters and information kits. The researcher must provide their current institution’s research ethics board approval indicating that their recruitment materials have been approved.  

Do I need Fraser Health Ethics Board approval to obtain health records/tissue from previously consented participants?

Some academic researchers who are conducting research that is already approved by their academic institution’s Research Ethics Board may only require access to data, such as health record data, or for example, access to patient care areas to post posters for subject recruitment. Our policy on the Provision of Services to Non-Fraser Health Researchers permits researchers to obtain these services as long as the Fraser Health requirements, detailed in the policy, are complied with by the researcher.

Health Records requires non-Fraser Health researchers (i.e. those that are not affiliated) to use the Health Records Approval Form for External Researchers.