Our research study database includes all studies that have been conducted in Fraser Health since 2005.

What will I find in the database?

Our research study database will help you to retrieve information on all studies conducted within the following five domains of research conducted in Fraser Health: 

  • clinical intervention
  • public and population health
  • health systems and services
  • health care technology and innovation
  • knowledge transfer and implementation research

Several fields are available for searching, including principal investigator name, study title, funding source, discipline, the ethics approval status of the study and others.

Are the study results available?

Study results that are published or presented are also uploaded to the database if submitted to the Department of Evaluation and Research Services. 

Where can I find collaborators?

All of our researchers are listed in our research study database. If you are interested in clinical trials research, see the Fraser Health clinical research trials teams.  

Contact us if you find a researcher that you would like to meet.