Bridging research and practice through implementing research results, sharing evidence, resources and expert support.

What is knowledge translation?

Knowledge translation is about bringing together research and practice to ensure good research evidence – informed by knowledge users – creates an impact on health care in a timely and sustainable manner.

What is integrated knowledge translation?

Integrated knowledge translation projects embed knowledge translation principles throughout the project – in particular, meaningful engagement of knowledge users, from development of the research question through disseminating findings. This is aligned with patient-oriented research and participatory research methods.

What is implementation and dissemination?

Implementation is an active process involving systematic efforts to encourage the uptake of an evidence-based recommendation, program, or practice. Activities may include communication strategies, social marketing, knowledge brokering, or collaborative approaches to facilitate the sustainable use of the practice in a defined context or setting.

Dissemination is similarly active; however the focus is on tailored messaging of the evidence into products, such as reports or briefs for a target audience. This includes direct mailing or emailing of results, workshops, and conference presentations.

How can I disseminate my research?

Use our knowledge translation strategic planning template as a tool to help you refine your target audience. Use this tool to get started on your knowledge translation plan for research grant applications, implementation projects, or dissemination activities.

Connect with other researchers and scientists on ResearchGate. This social networking site allows you to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators.

How can I access knowledge translation support for my research?

To get started with your knowledge translation initiatives, visit our resources section.

For patient-oriented research that could benefit from integrated knowledge translation and/or end-of-grant knowledge translation planning, complete an online inquiry form.

What kind of support will you provide?

Our knowledge translation specialist will start the process with a consultation to determine your needs and objectives. Our tailored services can include:

  • Assistance with integrated knowledge translation or end-of-grant knowledge translation planning for patient-oriented grant applications.
  • Support with dissemination materials, such as presentations, briefs, plain language summaries, other media products for patient-oriented research results.
  • Planning and ongoing support for integrated knowledge translation patient-oriented research.
  • Planning and ongoing support for patient-oriented implementation projects.

Is there support for manuscript or poster development?

We work closely with the researcher on the following: 

  • Manuscript review prior to publication submission or review of posters
  • Template for determining authorship contributions
  • Workshop series on posters and presentations 

Where can I find more information and resources?

Visit our resources section for knowledge translation templates, tools and case examples.