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Learn about our student placement opportunities.

Information on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for students and instructors.

Please refer to the COVID-19 Student Practice Guidelines prior to starting in the practice setting.

Student practice education (also referred to as student placement) offers students hands-on experience in a clinical or community setting to learn the necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge to practice effectively in their field.

The student's educational experience may involve access to patient information or direct patient/client/resident care under the direction and supervision of practicing health professionals authorized by the health authority or educational institution.

Exceptions to this include:

Fraser Health offers placement opportunities to complete major projects that are required for many health care professional programs. These placements differ from formal research placements in that there are other processes required for student orientation, access to resources and supervision. All project-based placement requests must be entered into the Health Sciences Placement network (HSPnet) system. If you have questions or require assistance in entering a placement request, please contact

For more information on research placements, please contact our research department.