Info on job shadow and career observation experience.

Job shadow or career observation experience is an individual learning experience that is not affiliated with an educational institution therefore there is no affiliation agreement in place. It refers to when an individual gains knowledge about career opportunities on an observation only basis. Typically, job shadows are between one and three days in length and are at the discretion of the manager, practice leader or director. Each request is assessed according to the resources available and merit of the request.

Review the Job Shadow policy for details.

For all medical students seeking practice experiences in Fraser Health, visit College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC's medical student webpage.

How do I organize a job shadow experience?

Step 1 - Make a request. Please complete our job shadow survey to help us learn about the practice setting that you are interested in.

Step 2 - Confirm details. If the practice experience is accepted, the manager, practice leader or director will confirm the details of the job shadow (date, time, setting and name of employee who will supervise the individual) with the individual requesting the experience.            

Step 3 - Complete forms. The manager, practice leader or director will provide the individual seeking this job shadow experience the following forms which must be completed and submitted prior to start date. Records will be retained for four years by the practice setting/department.

Step 4 - Check immunization status. Individuals are responsible to have their immunizations up-to-date as per BC Centre for Disease Control Students of Health Care Professions - Section 3: Immunization of Special Populations – Table 3 (note: tuberculosis screening is not required). Individuals must have proof of immunization status upon request.

Step 5 - Complete hand hygiene module. To support patient and student safety in our practice settings, all individuals seeking job shadow experiences must complete the hand hygiene online module. Proof of completion may be requested by the manager, practice leader or director.

Patient consent during observation experiences

All individuals participating in a job shadow/career observation experience may not engage in any work-related activities.

Individuals must identify themselves as an observer to employees and patients, clients, residents and verbal consent is required prior to the observational experience.

For example: “Hello, my name is _________ and I am shadowing your [Profession type e.g.: Physio, Nurse] for [time frame e.g. the day, two day]. Is it okay for me to observe while they work with you?”

Questions or concerns?

Contact the student practice team at with the subject line “Job Shadow Assistance”. 

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