Placements require a signed affiliation agreement which outlines the roles, responsibilities, and legal accountabilities between Fraser Health and the educational institution.

As per policy, an affiliation agreement must be in place before submitting a request.

This process is currently under review. Contact if you have questions.

What is an affiliation agreement?

An affiliation agreement is a legal document. It establishes a contract between Fraser Health Authority and the educational institution. The contract defines the roles and responsibilities of the involved parties in providing student practice education and addresses the risks in the relationship for organizations and their employees, patients, clients, residents and students. For details, review our Affiliation Agreements policy.

What is covered in an affiliation agreement?

A standard template is used across all health authorities in B.C. which includes the following:

  • Definitions
  • Insurance requirements
  • Conditions of the agreement including start and end dates
  • Responsibilities of the health authority and the educational institution
  • Constraints
  • Designating representatives and mechanisms to facility communication
  • Reporting requirements for health and safety
  • Provisions to protect privacy and confidentiality
  • Mutual indemnification clauses which protect the health authority and the school against third party liability

Job shadow, career observations and supervised practice placements are not covered under affiliation agreements. Affiliation agreements are not required for paid internships, co-operative education programs, or research projects.

How do I set-up an affiliation agreement?

If an affiliation agreement is not in place between Fraser Health Authority and your educational institution, you may submit a request for your institution or program to be considered. Please contact the student practice team at at least six months prior to your potential placement start date and include:

  • A link to your educational institution website
  • Health program outline and learning objectives
  • Contact information of person with signing authority

If your program is approved, we will send out our provincially approved affiliation agreement forms. We do not sign educational institution agreements.

What insurance coverage is needed?

All students and faculty must have both third party liability insurance and accident insurance coverage prior to the start of all placements. Educational institutions with an affiliation agreement with Fraser Health Authority must arrange to insure all their students. If you are unsure about insurance coverage, please check with your educational institution’s placing coordinator.

Now that we have an affiliation agreement, how do I arrange a placement for my students?

See our Placement Process page.

Note: Having an affiliation agreement with Fraser Health Authority does not guarantee student practice placements. All placement requests are handled according to our placement process. Please do not contact Fraser Health employees or practice settings directly.

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