If you have more than 20 placement requests per year, learn about the required steps.

Educational institutions with HSPnet accounts

In general, the following steps are required

  1. Educational institution’s placing coordinator submits a request through HSPnet at least 8 weeks prior to placement start date.
  2. Fraser Health’s receiving coordinator reviews all request for suitability and confirms the affiliation agreement. If the request is appropriate, it will be forwarded to a Fraser Health destination coordinator.
  3. The destination coordinator reviews the request and either:
    • Accepts the request and enters preceptor information. Educational institution is informed through HSPnet that the request has been accepted. It is the educational institution’s responsibility to populate the name of the instructor and student into HSPnet.
    • Declines the request. A declined request is sent back to the educational institution and a new request can be submitted through HSPnet.
  4. The educational institution is responsible for preparing the student for clinical placement with orientation requirements (general and practice setting specific) prior to the start of the placement.

Figure 1: Placement process for educational institutions with HSPnet accounts

Placement process for educational institutions with HSPnet accounts