Student placement reference guide for receiving coordinators at Fraser Health.

A receiving coordinator is a Fraser Health employee in the Professional Practice department who:

  • provides local administration of HSPnet
  • receives incoming requests directly from the educational institution
  • redirects requests to the destinations specified
  • provides troubleshooting and support to HSPnet users

Be familiar with the roles and responsibilities

There are three named roles for facilitating student practice education: placing coordinator (educational institution), receiving coordinator (Clinical Education Coordinator), and destination coordinator (site/location specific designate for a given department/practice area). 

The receiving coordinator is responsible to: 

  • Ensure an affiliation agreement exists with educational institution (and listed program) prior to redirecting requests.
  • Redirect HSPnet requests that match the destination profile within two business days.
  • Attach a condition to requests that do not match existing destination profiles or when the request is not entered correctly in HSPnet.
  • Initiate process to issue guest link account for HSPnet access for educational institutions/programs.
  • Maintain the HSPnet database, which includes destination coordinator, preceptor and manager user access, and destination profiles.
  • Send regular communications to destination coordinators to update profiles and capacities at least twice a year.
  • Provide destination coordinators with student placement process orientation and ongoing mentorship for student placements. 
  • Maintain signed confidentiality acknowledgements from students and educational institution educators.
    Facilitate student access to Fraser Health information technology and electronic documentation.

Reviewing student placement requests in HSPnet

  • Make sure an affiliation agreement is in place with the school before accepting a request.
  • Issue HSPnet guest links to non-HSPnet account holders when necessary.
  • Review all student placement requests for Fraser Health Authority for appropriateness
  • Place conditions on placement requests for further clarification or additional information if required.
  • Assess the overall unit/location/program capacity for students.
  • Forward student placement requests to destination coordinators in a timely manner.
  • Enter data and notes into HSPnet as needed.

Preparing students and faculty for placement

  • Advise students, faculty and employees about policies related to student practice (must be logged onto the Fraser Health network).
  • Advise students, faculty and employees about orientation requirements.
  • Advise students, faculty and employees about the British Columbia Student Practice Education Guidelines.
  • Supports the set-up of Windows user and email accounts and other IT program user accounts and education. Unit-based preceptor or educators will provide access to local shared network drives.

Providing ongoing support

  • Act as the point of contact for all placement requests in Fraser Health. Refer to the Student Practice Issues guidelines should an issue arise.
  • Update destination profiles when notified of changes and with each contact with destination coordinators.
  • Notify education institutions of any significant changes in the placement area destination profiles.

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