Student placement reference guide for students.

How do I get student placement with Fraser Health?

Please direct all student placement inquiries to the student placement team at Do not contact the practice setting or a Fraser Health employee directly. All practice education placements must be coordinated by your educational institution's placing coordinator (or designated course leader/faculty).

For all medical students seeking practice experiences in Fraser Health, visit College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC's medical student webpage.

For volunteer experiences, visit our volunteers opportunities page.

Learn more about the placement process.

Before your placement

  • Once your placement is confirmed, make sure you complete all the required orientation before you arrive. This includes applicable computer training.
  • Confirm with your instructor about local practice setting orientation.
  • Activate your Windows user account and email so you can access necessary policies and practice education guidelines. The practice education guidelines outline your student responsibilities.
  • If you are a returning student, you will not receive a new Windows user account. Please store your account information in your files for subsequent placements. For assistance, go to Windows user account and email page.
  • Check your Fraser Health email regularly for updates and news related to your placement.
  • Dress code varies by practice setting and profession. Please refer to the Professional Image policy and local practice setting guidelines.

During your placement

  • Make sure you have your educational institution student photo I.D. visible at all times.
  • Introduce yourself as a student to patients, clients, residents, family members, staff and volunteers.
  • Regularly communicate with your preceptor/field guide and/or faculty/instructor on how the experience is going, and invite feedback. Should an issue arise, refer to the Student Practice Issues guideline and our Respectful Workplace policy.
  • Let your faculty/instructor and/or preceptor/field guide know if your assigned duties and responsibilities exceed your ability or scope of practice in your student role.
  • Participate in educational institution evaluations.
  • Follow the care standards for Fraser Health.
  • Be familiar with our Patient Safety and Learning System (PSLS) for reporting errors. Talk to your instructor for training. Please notify your instructor and practice area leader (e.g., patient care coordinator, clinical nurse educator, supervisor) if there are any safety incidents, errors in treatment or medication or if there are any near misses for these types of events so that they may enter them into the PSLS system. This is a part of our continuous quality improvement.
  • Contact your destination coordinator (typically a clinical nurse educator or practice leader) for any questions or concerns. He/she is your first point-of-contact.

After your placement

Provide feedback by completing an evaluation form from either your school where you completed your practice experience.

Questions or concerns?

Contact the student practice team at

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