Find important medication safety information related to insulin pen and safety needles.

What's happening?

Care areas have been requested to order BD AutoShield™ Duo pen needles for Insulin Administration Safety and to reduce the risk of staff injuries.

Low Insulin Pen Usage Areas:

  • Place a one-time order for 10 each of BD AutoShield Duo pen needles (FH code 444196)
  • Ensure you have an on-going supply of these pen safety needles on your units.

High Insulin Pen Usage Areas:

  • Connect with your In-House Replenishment Staff to have FH code 444196 added to your top-up.

Why is this important? 

Insulin pen cartridges and pre-filled disposable pens are not designed to be used with syringes. Do not use an insulin syringe to withdraw insulin from insulin pen cartridges because of the following safety concerns:

  • Risk of inaccurate dosing with high concentration insulin products when using an insulin syringe, as units have been mistaken as milliliters and standard insulin syringes are graduated for 100 units/mL.
  • Introduction of blood borne pathogens due to retrograde travel of blood into cartridge.\
  • Introduction of air into cartridge can lead to dosing errors.
  • Increases risk of needle stick injuries.
  • Cartridge can crack and rubber stopper can be dislodged.

Students and faculty instructors must consult with their clinical areas to determine what procedures should be followed to support this practice. If appropriate,

  • Use the appropriate insulin pen needle, as per the table below.
  • Dedicate one pen to only one patient and label appropriately. Label all pen devices with a patient specific label and a ‘Do not use after’ after label on the barrel of the insulin pen. Never label on the cap.
  • Be aware that injective technique is different with BD AutoShield™ Duo pen needles than with regular insulin syringe needles.
  • Refer to the instructional video on how to use BD AutoShield™ Duo pen needles.

How will this impact students and faculty instructors? 

Students and faculty instructors who are completing student placements in Fraser Health are expected to apply any necessary changes in their practice to ensure that patients, clients, and residents continue to receive safe and quality care. Students and faculty instructors must also consult with their clinical areas to determine what other procedures should be followed to support this practice. 


Please contact the Student Practice Team.

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