Hearing Aids


Our audiologists conduct a comprehensive hearing aid evaluation to ensure the appropriate hearing aid is selected.

The cost for two hearing aids ranges from $1400 to $3000 and is typically paid for by the family. Funding for families in need of financial assistance can be requested from various charitable organizations. Speak with your local audiologist.

Hearing aids can help your baby or child

  • Hear as much sound as much as possible to help his/her hearing system develop
  • Learn speech and language

Hearing aids in school can help your child

  • Hear the teacher from a greater distance
  • Reduce the amount of verbal information they miss
  • Improve attention and focus
  • Reduce fatigue

An FM system can be used with your child’s hearing aids to further improve hearing in a noisy setting.

Our Services

  • Choose your child’s hearing aid to meet his/her needs.
  • Adjust your child’s hearing aids to make sounds that he/she does not hear well louder.
  • Monitor changes in your child’s hearing and discuss your child’s progress.
  • Make sure the hearing aids and earmolds are working well.

Watch a video on a new hearing aid fit.

Type of hearing aid: Behind-the-Ear (BTE) style

BTE hearing aids have two parts: an earmold and the hearing aid.


  • Made individually for each ear
  • Usually made of soft material
  • Directs sound to the ear
  • Holds the hearing aid in place
  • Gets replaced as your baby grows

Hearing Aid

  • A microphone picks up the sound
  • An amplifier makes the sound louder
  • A receiver sends the louder sound to the earmold
  • A battery powers the hearing aid. It usually lasts 1-2 weeks

Advantages of BTEs:

  • They last longer then hearing aids that fit in the ear.
  • Clinics keep extra BTE hearing aids that you can borrow. You may use one with your child’s earmold while you wait for repair or replacement.
  • You only need to replace the earmold, not the whole hearing aid, as your child grows.
  • BTEs are easy to clean – just wash the earmold to remove wax buildup.


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