Speech and Language


Our community speech language pathologists support communication development for children ages 0-5 years.

Early detection is critical

Catching and treating speech and language difficulties early is essential for a child’s optimal learning, social development and emotional health.

Services are tailored to each child’s age and abilities. Even young infants with communication development concerns can benefit from speech and language services.

View our guidelines representing different stages of a child’s speech and language development. They will help you determine if your child should be referred.

Our Services

  • Screen, monitor and assess communication abilities
  • Develop treatment plans to identify communication goals
  • Show parents how to encourage their child’s communication skills

How do I access this service?

Parents who have concerns about their child’s communication abilities can self-refer for this service. Please tell your doctor if you self-refer and make an appointment with one of our speech language pathologists. That will help your doctor provide you with ongoing care.


These services are free of charge.


These services are provided for children 0-5 years.

Resources for school-aged children and youth

If your child is starting kindergarten soon, you may be directed to refer to your school district’s speech language pathologist or can chose to look into a private pay practice. For more information on speech and language support services for children over the age of 5, visit our School Health - Speech and Language resource section.

Drop-in clinics

  • You can drop-in to speak with a speech-language pathologists if you have concerns.  Your child will receive a brief screening and receive help for your child's speech and language development.
  • This clinic is for children who have not yet been referred and best suited for families who are unsure whether a referral is needed.
  • Drop-in sessions are only 5-10 minutes.
  • First-come, first serve basis.

See 2018 clinic locations and times.


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