Overdose Public Awareness Campaign

The majority of overdoses are happening inside private residences- often closer than we think.  We all have a role to play to reach out and have a conversation if we are concerned about someone. Use these social media posts, resources and images to help spread the word and #StopOverdose.

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Graphics, Video and Guide

We have graphics for social media which you are free to share on your social networks, to accompany the sample social media posts below. We also have a shareable video and guide with tips on how to have a conversation about substance use. Download the social media kit.

Social Media Posts

  • Overdose is closer than you think. Reach out and have a conversation, you could save a life fraserhealth.ca/overdose #StopOverdose
  • Watch this video on how to talk with loved ones about substance use and overdose prevention https://youtu.be/T3W6Xx4-gD4
  • If you think someone you care about is using substances, check in on them.  You could save a life fraserhealth.ca/overdose #StopOverdose
  • Most overdoses are happening in people’s homes. If you think someone you care about is at risk, reach out to them. Here’s how http://ow.ly/Ct1a30glqVd 
  • How to start a conversation with someone you care about who uses substances http://ow.ly/Ct1a30glqVd #StopOverdose


For more information, go to fraserhealth.ca/overdose or contact feedback@fraserhealth.ca

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