Your Healthy Winter Guide

Winter on the Westcoast can be unpredictable. Some years, we experience winter as three months of dark skies and steady rain. Others, we’re up to our knees in thick drifts of snow. Whatever the weather, we have the tips, tools and tricks to make it through the winter season happy, healthy and safely. 

Our Healthy Winter Guide offers advice on everything from how to get exercise in inclement weather, how to keep your mood bright when it’s dark out, how to stay safe in winter weather, how to avoid common winter illnesses and boost your immunity, and how avoid winter accidents and falls, how to maintain healthy eating habits over the festive season and how to use your ER wisely over the holidays.

Use your ER wisely over the holiday season and avoid unnecessary waiting.

Stay safe and warm and avoid injuries while playing in, driving in or shovelling the snow.

Find creative ways to get off the couch, embrace the chill and get active. Here are a few of our favourite activity recommendations that we’ve come across in our journeys around the web.

The shorter, darker days of winter can get us down.  If you are lacking energy and enthusiasm for many of your favourite activities, you might be suffering from the ‘winter blahs,’ depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Here are some tips to help you avoid the blues this winter.

Winter is a time when bugs like the flu and the common cold can rear their ugly heads, making it a challenge to get through our day-to-day lives.  Here are some helpful hints to keep you and those you love healthy and well this winter season.  

The arrival of winter means outdoor surfaces are slick with rain, ice and even snow, making the risk of a tumble that much higher. And if you or your kids indulge in winter sports like hockey, snowboarding, skiing, you know how easy it is to injure yourself in a fall. A reminder: Helmets do help.  

Tasty holiday treats can add up and wreak havoc on your healthy eating plan. Here are some tips we’ve collected from a variety of sources to help keep your menu healthy and your body feeling great this winter. 

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