Occupational and Physical Therapy


Home Health’s physical and occupational therapists provide rehabilitation therapy to help you restore, improve and maintain your physical capabilities.

We ensure your home is set up in ways that enable you to carry on with daily home tasks easily and safely.

Rehabilitation therapy is available for:

  • People recovering from an injury or an operation
  • Adults at risk of having a fall that may result in an injury
  • People dealing with the debilitating effects of a stroke

What types of programs and services are offered?

Therapists work closely with you to help:

  • Improve muscle strength, balance and coordination
  • Learn to use mobility devices such as walkers and crutches
  • Improve and maximize your ability to function independently at home
  • Make the home more accessible and safer
  • Acquire or use aids to personal care (bath seats, grab bars, scooters, wheelchairs and lifts)

Am I eligible?

You must meet eligibility requirements for Home Health services prior to accessing services. Learn more about who is eligible.

Is there a cost?

Some services are provided free of charge while others include a cost based on your after tax income. Learn more about costs associated with our Home Health services.

How can I access these services?

Your Home Health care provider may recommend programs to you or you may be able to apply directly for access. Learn more about accessing Home Health services.

Together in Movement and Exercise Classes

Specialized exercise classes are available at your community recreation centres to help restore your physical capabilities and mobility. TIME (Together in Movement and Exercise) program is designed for adults living with stroke, acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis or other neurological issues. Learn more about TIME and how to access this program.


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