Placement Process


Please direct all student practice education inquiries to our student practice team at Do not contact the practice setting or a Fraser Health employee about student opportunities.

Students are not allowed to arrange their own placements. Only representatives from an educational institution should contact the student practice team.

Educational institutions must submit requests through Health Sciences Placement Network (HSPnet). It is an online practice education management system used across Canada to coordinate student placements.

Some programs require student resumes and interviews prior to receiving a practice placement. Educational institutions are required to submit student resumes into HSPnet so various practice settings can review and determine whether they wish to accept or interview the student prior to placement.

For a detailed overview, read the BC Practice Education Guidelines - Placement Process.

Requesting a placement through Health Sciences Placement Network (HSPnet)

A number of steps are required to have students placed in Fraser Health. Submit your request well in advance of the start date to improve likelihood of an accepted placement request.

Placements require a signed affiliation agreement which outlines the roles, responsibilities, and legal accountabilities between Fraser Health and the educational institution. As per policy, an affiliation agreement must be in place before submitting a request.

Depending on the number of students an educational institution is placing, there are various options for using HSPnet.

  • If your institution has an HSPnet account, follow the process outlined in Figure 1.
  • If your institution does not have an account and requires a guest link, follow the process outlined in Figure 2.
  • If your institution is looking for 1:1 student placement which requires an open-ended request, follow our "Call for Offers" process outlined in Figure 3. 

Educational institutions with HSPnet accounts

In general, the following steps are required

  1. Educational institution’s placing coordinator submits a request through HSPnet at least 8 weeks prior to placement start date.
  2. Fraser Health’s receiving coordinator reviews all request for suitability and confirms the affiliation agreement. If the request is appropriate, it will be forwarded to a Fraser Health destination coordinator.
  3. The destination coordinator reviews the request and either:
    • Accepts the request and enters preceptor information. Educational institution is informed through HSPnet that the request has been accepted. It is the educational institution’s responsibility to populate the name of the instructor and student into HSPnet.
    • Declines the request. A declined request is sent back to the educational institution and a new request can be submitted through HSPnet.
  1. The educational institution is responsible for preparing the student for clinical placement with orientation requirements (general and practice setting specific) prior to the start of the placement.

Figure 1: Placement process for educational institutions with HSPnet accounts

Educational institutions without HSPnet accounts (for programs fewer than 20 placements per year)

Education programs requesting fewer than 20 students per year often do not have an HSPnet user account.

The educational institution’s placing coordinator should contact the Student Practice team to obtain an HSPnet guest link in order to proceed with the HSPnet process outlined in Figure 2.

All of the student preparation for placement (documentation and orientation requirements) that applies to HSPnet account holders also apply to those with guest link access (Step #4 above).

Figure 2: Placement process for educational institutions and programs with fewer than 20 placements per year 

Call for Offers (1:1 placements)

Some educational institutions/programs use a placement method that sends open-ended requests to receiving sites to indicate that student placements are available. The receiving sites may then respond with one or more “accepted” (available) offers for students. As outlined below, the preceptors name is then entered.

All of the student preparation for placement (documentation and orientation requirements) that apply to HSPnet account holders also apply to those using the Call for Offers process (Step #4 above).

Figure 3: Placement process for call for offers

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