One conversation can make all the difference. Imagine what ten conversations could do.

  • Conversation starters – family and friends

    Think about when and where you might talk to your family and friends – at a family gathering, over a meal or coffee, or during a walk.

    Some tips to start conversations:

    • “I want to talk with you about what is important to me. I want to make sure you understand and could honour my wishes.”  
    • “I want you to be prepared if you had make decisions on my behalf.”
    • "Pastor Jones was talking about our choices for health care if something happened, and I realized that I haven’t told you about my wishes – we should talk about that."
    • "That story about the family not agreeing about their mom’s care made me realize that we should talk so the same thing doesn’t happen to our family."
    • “I think it’s really important all of the family understand my wishes.”
  • Conversation starters – with your doctor, or nurse practitioner 

    Think about what you know and what is likely ahead with your health.

    Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner:

    • “What health conditions do I have? 
    • “Which of my health conditions are easily treatable? Which are not?”
    • “What are possible treatments and complications I may face in the future?”
    • “What should I be doing to plan ahead?”
  • Facing a serious illness? 

    Tips on how to talk with the people that matter to you:

    Tips on how to talk with your health care team:


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