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Think you’re drinking too much? Find support and other resources.

Alcohol use can affect your concentration, speech, balance, vision, coordination, judgement, and overall health. Long-term problematic alcohol use can also lead to professional, personal, financial, and legal problems, any of which can affect your health.

If you think you might be drinking too much, or if a friend or family member is drinking too much, there is support available. Browse the links below for articles and links to organizations that can help.

Fraser Health services

Getting help for your substance use concern
Where you can go for help if you have a concern about your or your loved one’s substance use.

Substance use (addictions) services
How to get help if you or your loved one has a substance use problem.

Alcohol and parenting
How to talk to your kids, teens, and young adults about alcohol.

Substance Use – Parenting Articles
Get advice on how to talk to kids, teens and adult children about issues such as substance use or overdose.

More services in BC

Alcohol and Drug Information Referral Service

  • 604-660-9382
  • 1-800-663-1441


  • 8-1-1

310Mental Health Support

  • 310-6789 (no need to dial area code)

Information related to mental health and substance use.

Other resources

Get help: problematic substance use resources
Government of Canada resources and links to organizations.

Drink Aware UK – Advice
Advice and information for people worried about alcohol use.

Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research
A network of individuals and groups dedicated to the study of substance use and addiction.