Ways to improve your mood and develop healthy thinking.

Depression is a common experience among people living with chronic pain. Pain itself does not create depression.

When persistent pain interferes with your ability to work, socialize or do leisure activities, you may notice a change in your mood, appetite, sleep or activity levels. You may not be interested in doing things you usually enjoy. These are typical changes related to depression.

Depression is an emotion

Your emotions are created by the way you think about things happening in your life, rather than by the things themselves. You can learn to have control of your thoughts and by doing that change your emotions. So even if your pain continues, you can improve your mood and in turn, manage your pain better.

Developing healthy thinking

Cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) is a type of therapy that can help you replace negative thoughts that discourage you with alternative thoughts that help improve your mood.

It involves steps such as learning to monitor your thoughts and to identify the particular thoughts that trigger the negative moods. Then, you decide how true those thoughts are and have the option of replacing them with alternative or balanced thoughts that lead towards mood change and improvement. With practice and effort, it will become more natural and you will see improvements in your mood.

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Getting help