Knowing the science behind chronic pain.

Chronic pain is pain that has lasted for six months or longer – either continuous pain or frequent recurring episodes. Chronic pain may sometimes be a symptom of a chronic disease. However, for many, chronic pain is its own problem and can be a result of complex changes in the nervous system.

How is chronic pain diagnosed?

Your doctor can find out if you have chronic pain by asking about your past medical history, performing a physical examination or ordering specific tests.

Will this pain last forever?

It is sometimes difficult to give a prognosis when you have chronic pain. Unfortunately, for many, the pain cannot be totally cured and there is often no "magic fix".

The good news is that a combination of medications and interventions (where relevant) as well as exercises, activity, self-management strategies and mind-body techniques can help reduce the pain intensity and improve your quality of life.

Videos: Understanding pain

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